Mar 252015

Enjoy Wine and Enjoy Your Coffee With a Great Little Coffee Machine

While we arrange our wine content for the website we are compelled to start our first blog raving about a fantastic home coffee machine we just got a chance to try out. It’s called The Little Guy Espresso coffee maker.

We are super impressed by how it looks sitting on top of the stove, or in our case on top of a purpose made compact induction cook top which has automatic settings optimized to make coffee in The Little Guy. The short video above demonstrates really well how this great home espresso coffee works.

Style, Quality and All Around Excellence

The Little Guy is a piece of artistic engineering that will likely last a lifetime because there are no moving parts and the machine is so precision made out of top quality polished stainless steel. If this coffee maker won any awards we would not be surprised because we are giving it the 10 out of 10 thumbs up!

Lets Get to The Coffee

We like our coffee as much as our wine and we are very fussy about what constitutes a really good espresso or cappuccino. It took a few goes and we had it down. Using our favorite organic blend we were making as good a cappuccino and espresso coffee as we have ever tasted. This coffee maker is beautifully balanced to deliver the exact right pressure and heat for just the right time and the milk frother is a joy to use. I am also sold on induction cook tops. I had never used on previously and now I want to get a couple more and do all my cooking in different spots around the kitchen.