Book an Apartment on the Beach at International Destination, Byron Bay

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Jul 032016
Apartment on the Beach in byron bay

Vacation In Byron Bay For Your Next International Tourist Experience

A beach vacation sounds fun, does it not? If you’re reading this from anywhere besides a beach destination, you’re going to drool. Perhaps it’s time to start planning your next beach vacation with the beach suites byron bay. Where do you usually go? So many people stateside hit up Florida, and then if they go out of the country, it’s to one of the many Caribbean destinations. Doesn’t that just sound overplayed to you?

Wouldn’t you like to have a story about a vacation you took in Byron Bay that no one you know has experienced? You’ll have memories and stories to share from any beach destination you choose for your next vacation, but just wait until you see what all you can do in Byron Bay. Do you know where this beach destination is located? You’re talking about New South Wales, a very fun place to be.

One of the byron bay beachfront apartments you might want to visit first is Lighthouse Trail. The pictures of this place look breathtaking, and then you’re going to want to remember that you can also visit Cape Byron Lighthouse. Together, these are two of the top attractions in Byron Bay. If it’s a little beach time you want, which I’m guessing you do, you’ll want to pay a visit to Belongil Beach along with Byron Bay.

Make sure you look closely at what hotel you book because you want to be in close proximity to the things you want to do. You also want a good view, a nice comfortable room and you want to know how you’re going to get around. Did you plan on getting any surfing done? Not only can you surf, but you can go kite surfing and windsurfing as well.

Another popular place to check out is called The Farm. One of the reviewers said that this is the place to visit when you’re hungry. There are all kinds of good eats there. While it is a tourist attraction, you can kill two birds with one stone by sitting down to dinner. When you’re visiting Byron Bay, another place you want to visit is the Cape Byron Conservation Area. You can also enjoy scuba diving, canoeing, kayaking and much more.

Apartment on the Beach in byron bay

There is also a neat place called the Stone and Wood Brewery. Do you have time to visit a really cool Farmer’s Market? Byron Bay Farmer’s Market is a cool place to check out, and there are also day spas and sightseeing tours to experience. You definitely want to pay a visit to Arakwal National Park, too.

Byron Bay is an international tourist destination that is drawing more and more travelers each year. If you’re in the mood for something a little different, something new, then it’s time that you experienced what Byron Bay has to offer its vacationers with their range of byron bay accommodation. Tourists also mention stopping by the Lone Goat Gallery, the many gift shops, eco tours and enjoying some whale watching. Which of these fun adventures are you going to consider doing first when you visit Byron Bay?

Tips And Hints For Marketing Food Related Products

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Mar 092016
business marketing food

Business Marketing Strategies for Food Related Products

Demand for artisan, organic or home made food products is on the rise. Many consumers prefer to purchase food products where they can form a personal relationship with producers. With concerns about ingredients and production methods which use chemicals or additives on the rise the opportunities for entrepreneurs have never been more abundant – the difficulty is in differentiating products from those that have already secured a customer base.

With the advent of Internet-based marketing entry into the market for food products has never been easier – however this also means that competition is the particularly cut throat.

So how do you ensure that you can grab the attention of a consumer base that is now more selective than ever before?

#1 Get Your Story Right.

According to many experts consumers, today want to form a personal relationship with brands. If you have a niche food product you will need to analyze the unique selling proposition of your competition and develop a backstory that appeals to a consumer base.

Aspirant marketers of food based products with have to tell a compelling story. Whether this is based on environmentally friendly credentials, sustainability, a family history, unique ingredients and cooking methods or local availability is up to you – but your brand needs differentiation.

#2 Keep An Eye On Capacity.

If you’re selling your product at a local food market and marketing through social media you need to keep in mind how much capacity you have. If your product gets the attention that it deserves you might start to field inquiries from local or even national chains. Make sure that you can keep up with demand. If you receive orders and can’t keep up then chain stores will drop your product like a hot potato – and it is incredibly difficult to build up that trust once you lose it.

#3 Go Small.

If you’re unsure of your production capacity approach your local merchants, especially niche gourmet shops. They’ll take smaller orders on consignment – what they don’t sell you’ll get back. This is a great way to build up brand awareness and consumer trust.

#4 Image Is Everything.

If you’re going to hit the consumer market then you need to make sure that not only is your quality exceptional but that your packaging is top notch. Make sure that you have professionally designed labeling and that each product package is the same. This is almost as important as ensuring that your quality is fantastic. If in doubt, find a company that will help you with packaging on a contract basis.

business marketing food

#5 A Business Plan.

You may think that it’s too early in your product life cycle to develop a professional business plan – nothing could be further from the truth. If you’ve got a relative who has marketing experience or an MBA ask them for help. Approaching a financial institution is much easier with a business plan – without it you’re going to struggle.

Washington Wine Industry Foundation Fundraiser

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Dec 172015

Washington Wine Industry Foundation

The washington winie industry foundation is  doing another fundraiser golf tournament in June 2016. These guys do a lot to support many aspect of the local wine industry. “For over a 12 years the Foundation has served as the wine industry’s nonprofit to help support the growing needs of a growing industry.”

The Wine Cup - get a Hangover Pill

This is a heads up get over to their website and get involved  – Wine Lovers!

Here is a Bit More About the Washington Wine Industry Foundation from Their Website

“The Washington Wine Industry Foundation, a nonprofit, exempt Washington corporation is the fund-raising and gift-receiving organization for the Washington wine industry and other donor-designated organizations. Organized as a 501(c)(3) in 2001, the Foundation engages those who care about the wine industry, provides opportunities to enhance scholarships, education, outreach and research. Through the Foundation, you can help to advance the excellence of the Washington wine industry.”

Play it Safe! Have fun but avoid a hangover with this great hangover remedy


Best Hangover Cure

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Oct 062015

By controlled drinking, problems of hangover can be cured effectively

However, it is not possible to avoid alcohol for ever. It can be considered as a part of the celebration whether you are with your friends or loved ones. Due to over indulgence, a hangover due to the effects of alcohol can be felt in the next morning. Huge amount of pressure can be experienced in head as someone is hitting with a hammer due to hangover. It cannot be considered as a happy feeling at all. Therefore, you must be ready to deal the situation with hangover cure.

According to the research, about 75% people experience hangover

Due to this reason, work can be missed quite naturally. Therefore, it is important to understand the way to tackle the pain from alcohol consumption. By using a perfect option, you can manage the boardroom meeting quite easily on the next morning. Smart way to sober up must be found in due course. Through knowledge on the following matter, you can ace the condition without any hassle.

Most of the people consume water alternately in order to reduce the possibility of a massive hangover. Beverages are taken in some occasion as well. Through consumption of water, hydration level of body can be maintained adequately. Peppermint and Ginger tea can be taken for the hangover cure as well. Herbs are especially great with the remedies of hangover. However, traditional solution for hangover is often found ineffective in due course. It is possible to feel worse from usual with the use of these traditional remedies sometime.

Through The Great Aussie Hangover Cure, it is possible to find an antidote for hangover quite naturally. Herbal products are utilized in order to make this hangover remedy. It works greatly as an intoxication blocker. Clinical trials have been done with this product in order to show effectiveness in diverse range of people. By using the product, you can stay fresh next day without any possibility of hangover.

Aussie Hang-over Cure

TGAHC must be taken before and after drinking to stay sober next morning. It can be taken in between the drinks as well. If you have consumed the product then you can even feel normal in the 3am in the morning. However, it is always better to have good night sleep after revelry with alcohol. Effect of the product can be observed even after high level of alcohol consumption.

Due to presence of Dihydromyricetin in the product, effect of the alcohol can be reduced to some extent. By binding the GABA reception, function of the brain can be retained normal. It can be considered as the best hangover cure in the market.  Feeling related to intoxication can be reduced in due course. Benefits of Dihydromyricetin have been found through different kinds of research.

By taking TGAHC before drink, GABA reception can be activated in order to decrease the effect of intoxication. If it is taken after drink then user can become sober in relative ease. However, effect of the remedy has several other benefits as well. Due to antioxidant nature of Dihydromyricetin, damage on dendrites as a result of alcohol consumption can be reduced easily.

Online PPI Calculators And Their Usefulness In Estimating Claims Values

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Aug 302015

How Can an On Line PPI Claim Calculator Help You? 

If you have taken out a loan in the last few years need to find out if you can reclaim the PPI premiums. A significant number of lenders and banks In recent months have been fined for mis-selling Payment-Protection-Insurance (PPI) plans to their customers. Now, consumers have the opportunity to get back a share or all the money they put out for these PPI payments. You may be eligible to make more claims on due payments on credit cards and other loans.

Banks sold this cover without giving consumers the correct amount of information about what it was and so now consumers now have the right to claim all or part of it.

Use an On Line PPI Calculator to Check How Much You Can Claim

An on line PPI Calculator is the easiest and quickest way to find out how much money you could be getting back and a lot of people are finding that they are able to claim back quite significant amounts of money.

Different types of loans usually come with different PPI amounts. Many unsecured loans have PPI of around 13%, and some purchases could carry up to 56% in the cost of PPI.

Seems people are being advised to make their claim as soon as possible.With a good PPI calculator, you can get a good idea of what can be recovered. Some companies are reporting average claim values of around £3,000.

To begin with you will need to gather together all the various loan documents before you start on the calculator. You will be guided and prompted to enter exact details and when you have done that the calculator will immediately give you an indication of any refunds due.

It,s really very easy and considering this it surprising that still there are so many people who have not claimed.

Why leave money sitting on someone else’s table when you could have it back in your own pocket . If you haven’t done so already you have nothing to loose and everything to gain by sitting down in front of a good PPI Calculator and entering your figures. Dont know of on – go here

An Interview with Christopher Power About the Human Design Phenominan

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Apr 302015

Christopher Power is a Scientist Passionately Embracing Human Design as Tool of Self Discovery

Human Design developed by Ra Uru Hu first Introduced to the Human Design System in front of about 15-25 people in Munich on June 28th, 1994. Since then its seems “Human Design” has been fervently taken up, studied, practised and taught by many leaders and game changers in the area of self knowledge self understanding and conciousness.

We recently had the opportunity to interview Christopher Power who we discovered has a uniquely clear way of succinctly explaining the essence of what “Human Design” is all about and why it is so beneficial for us to investigate how it applies to us and what we could learn about ourselves.

We have linked to a recent Interview with Christopher discussing the FOUNDATIONS of Human Design. Discover the Path to More Ease, Flow and Joy in Your Life and Business.


What does Human Design offer You?

by Christopher Power

“Human Design is a very practical cutting edge system for decision making. It also provides you with an accurate map of your true nature.

Human Design shows you how to take the stress out of decision making. The end result is to reveal your true awareness … to you. On the way, it enables you to discover self-love, to see the beauty of what it is to be you and to find out what peace, satisfaction, success and surprise really mean in your life.

Human Design is about the way you’re going to live your life. Its focus is the transformation of you as an individual. And by transformation I mean a major upgrade in your sense of value and ability to receive all life has for you. True change and growth happen in our world, one person at a time.

Human Design offers you a practical alternative to making decisions with your mind. Through your own experience, you then determine if this alternative is a better approach to running your life than following the dictates of your mind. What you discover is not just a better option. Human Design offers you a totally new option for living your life.

Human Design and Living Your Life

When your mind runs your life, it creates distortion. This leads to insecurity and fear for your survival. The current state of our world reflects this. Along with progress, there is still great suffering and pain, individually and collectively. As a friend once said to me “pain has a place in life, but it was never meant to be this painful”.

Your mind tolerates this situation because it views life more as a video game than a reality you have to physically live in, deal with and enjoy. The decisions your mind makes are about drama, excitement, conquering, losing and learning. In this context, it is safer to fit in and band together. Then the group lashes out to get what they need or to protect themselves. This distorts the truth of your life and hides the gifts of your individuality.

Living this way can be very dramatic and/or extremely boring depending on your situation. But it misses the point. This is what most people feel in their life; they have somehow missed the point.

The Benefits of Understanding and Living Your Human Design

Living according to your human design frees your mind from the burden of running your life. This is the ultimate stress relief. The responsibility for running your life shifts to a more sophisticated and natural intelligence within you. This has a vested interest in your welfare as a physical being. Then your mind is free to discover your unique perspective on life and your unique awareness. That awareness is something of real value that is worth sharing with others.

Know Your self Through Human Design

When you know your true self and live grounded in your body, your decisions focus on different things. Your decisions are about how to enjoy the beauty and magic of living your life. Here your survival is dealt with naturally. Your true nature draws to you what you really need and draws you to where you truly belong. In time your body relaxes. Then it can express its unique nature, free of the limitations of fear and conditioning.

Ok nice theory … but how do you make decisions this way? You are unique. You have a unique nature that is designed to live a unique life. When you make decisions according to your true nature, you get to live that life. Human Design provides you with clear information and maps of your nature and a customized strategy for making decisions that you can apply in your real life. Then you get to test it … in your real life. That’s how you see if this approach works … for you.

If you want to know how to make decisions as your true self and about your true nature and unique design, contact me via

When you experience that living this way works for you, it is easier to stand in your own authority. You develop the confidence to be yourself and to stand up for yourself. When you stand up as your true self, you have natural dignity and this commands respect … without the need for manipulation or intimidation. No matter how different you are, you are appreciated because of the unique value you bring to the table.

Remember. No matter who you are … you matter!”

Human Design is Not a Belief System

We just want to emphasis that Human Design System has nothing to do with believing anything. Instead we have found it to be a remarkable tool of self understanding which unlocks the self knowledge to maintain pursuit of that which we come to understand are our own personal unique ways of operating as human beings.

Christopher Power is available for Personal Human Design Consultations by Skype. You may book a Personal Consultation Here.

You will also be able to obtain a free copy of your “Human Design Chart”

You will learn about your Human Design Type and how you uniquely best express yourself

  • Human Design Generator and or Manifesting Generator
  • Human Design Manfiestor
  • Human Design Reflector
  • Human Design Projector

Always enjoy your wine!

Home Coffee Machine Review

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Mar 252015

Enjoy Wine and Enjoy Your Coffee With a Great Little Coffee Machine

While we arrange our wine content for the website we are compelled to start our first blog raving about a fantastic home coffee machine we just got a chance to try out. It’s called The Little Guy Espresso coffee maker.

We are super impressed by how it looks sitting on top of the stove, or in our case on top of a purpose made compact induction cook top which has automatic settings optimized to make coffee in The Little Guy. The short video above demonstrates really well how this great home espresso coffee works.

Style, Quality and All Around Excellence

The Little Guy is a piece of artistic engineering that will likely last a lifetime because there are no moving parts and the machine is so precision made out of top quality polished stainless steel. If this coffee maker won any awards we would not be surprised because we are giving it the 10 out of 10 thumbs up!

Lets Get to The Coffee

We like our coffee as much as our wine and we are very fussy about what constitutes a really good espresso or cappuccino. It took a few goes and we had it down. Using our favorite organic blend we were making as good a cappuccino and espresso coffee as we have ever tasted. This coffee maker is beautifully balanced to deliver the exact right pressure and heat for just the right time and the milk frother is a joy to use. I am also sold on induction cook tops. I had never used on previously and now I want to get a couple more and do all my cooking in different spots around the kitchen.